The MÈTIS gesture

The MÈTIS for IBELIV represents the technical know-how acquired by the craftsman through practice.

Our range therefore crystallises the quintessence of handmade work throughout the world.

Rich in the present, IBELIV creations are also intended to defy time and invite you on a fabulous imaginary journey, while taking care to respect Nature and Humanity.

The MÈTIS spirit

Beyond the richness generated by the meeting of excellent know-how and noble and durable materials, it is however another MÈTIS that inspires the range: the Greek goddess.

Daughter of Ocean and Thetys, wife of Zeus, mother of Athena, METIS takes on these multiple identities to trace her own destiny.

The MÈTIS range

MÈTIS was born from IBELIV's desire to explore other noble materials sublimated by craftsmen with excellent know-how.

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First model of the MÈTIS range

Illustration IBELIV Pattern