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Raffia crochet hat making


While the origin of crochet is uncertain, the first known crocheted works date back to the late Middle Ages. Its arrival in Madagascar coincides with that of the first missionaries. First taught in convents, it was then transmitted from generation to generation, creating unique know-how anchored in the DNA of the island.

"Our mission is to preserve this know-how and bring it to excellence while adding a contemporary touch."


Raffia hat manufacture


The crochet hook is a large needle with a notch in which the raffia fibers are threaded.

With the raffia thread and the crochet hook, stitch after stitch, the artisan watches the magic of a work of art take place, imprinted with her soul.

IBELIV is committed to perpetuating this ancestral art's transmission and enhancing it by relying on this know-how.

Manufacture of raffia bags


This craft allows them to develop their self-esteem, because although it requires passion, patience and dexterity, it offers them the gratification of making a unique object with their own hands.

Moreover, it is a craft similar to art since crochet is handled and gives an infinite number of expressions. IBELIV has chosen to select a few stitch techniques to adapt to its creations and master them perfectly.

The simplicity and regularity of the stitches magnify the raffia and also allow the artisan to flourish.

"Each IBELIV creation mentions the name of the woman who crocheted it. A signature that guarantees the originality of the piece and ensures a social link between the artisan and the person who will wear it."


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