IBELIV Garden is an initiative in collaboration with our sponsor Véronika LOUBRY. The idea is to creation of a development centre dedicated to young children from rural areas of Madagascar. Our mission is to provide a framework that encourages the awakening and blossoming of their talents, but also to give them a chance to achieve. In an era where everything is accelerating, we wish to offer an education so that these children can become artisans of the future. Madagascar's renewal.
Safari Garden
"A beautiful encounter, an exclusive collection for a unique project".
Seduced at first sight by the quality of IBELIV products, Véronika LOUBRY adopted them without hesitation and made them one of her faithful companions for all her travels.

In May 2020, Muriel called IBELIV customer service to reserve a LAHADY bag, which had been out of stock everywhere for several weeks. That day, Liva answers the phone and they have a long chat. When he asked her how she knew about IBELIV bags, she replied that she'd seen it worn by one of her friends, none other than Véronika LOUBRY. She naturally puts them in touch...

From their budding friendship, they discovered several values in common: respect, simplicity, benevolence, a sense of family and above all a great desire to always take life on the right side. And also a common passion for petanque, and the challenge of a game is still running...

In their collaboration, Véronika brings her expectations in terms of ease of use, Liva her creative and artisanal expertise.

The SAFARI Garden hat will be launched on March 08, 2022, followed this year by the IKA Garden bag and the LOU Garden clutch bag.

The three pieces are designed as a whole, with details that highlight IBELIV know-how and make for practical everyday use.

All proceeds from sales will go towards funding the IBELIV Garden project.

The Center

This center for self-fulfillment was born of a desire to share and pass on a constructive legacy to future generations. Humanity and the environment will be at the heart of IBELIV Garden. Our mission will be to provide young children with a foundation of life skills and tools to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world.


IBELIV Garden will integrate a daily care structure for children aged 3 to 7. The fundamentals of school education will be taught to enable children to enter a school environment with all the foundations they need to succeed. We will advocate an innovative educational model centered on the child's well-being in learning.


We want to promote sport at our center, so the IBELIV Garden will be equipped with sports facilities. Indeed, sport is an excellent tool for developing a spirit of solidarity and perseverance , while having fun in a healthy activity. 


"Living in harmony with the environment" We want to set up a permaculture-based vegetable garden in the IBELIV Garden. The aim is to raise children's awareness, from an early age, of the importance of planting useful plants that can be recycled to improve their quality of life. At the same time, the vegetable garden will provide food for the center's canteen. The site will reflect Madagascar's unique biodiversity. Emblematic plants of the island will be planted, such as vanilla and ylang-ylang.


Cultural and artistic awakening are fundamental disciplines in the education of the very young. Indeed, these activities stimulate the learning of other subjects such as reading and mathematics, and also encourage the development of perception, motor skills and social interaction. This is why these concepts will be integrated into IBELIV Garden. Through music, drawing, dance or theater, children will be able to reveal their thoughts, feelings and interests.

Baobab frieze
Baobab frieze